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Statement of Aerobatic Competency Card Holders

This part of the website lists every current holder of an FAA- or Transport Canada-issued Statement of Aerobatic Competency.

To see the specific certifications of individual pilots, click on the first letter of the pilot's last name and then scroll down to find the pilot in question.

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PilotLicenseFlight LevelAircraftManeuversSAC Expiration

Takagi, YuichiCommercial250 ftExtra 300 - All variants, Pitts Special - All variantsCircle the Jumper, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Taylor, AaronATPUnrestrictedNorth American T-6 Texan/SNJ/HarvardCircle the Jumper, Dogfight, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Terfehr, MichaelATP800 ftAero Vodochody L-39 AlbatrosSolo2019-12-31

Thocker, JonATPUnrestrictedRV seriesCircle the Jumper, Formation Aerobatics, Night Shows, Pyro, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Thompson, StevenATP250 ftRV seriesCircle the Jumper, Formation Aerobatics, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Tibo, TimATP500 ftT-33 - All VariantsSolo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Tibo, TimATP500 ftSbach, T-33 - All VariantsFormation Aerobatics, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Tobul, JimCommercialUnrestrictedChance-Vought F-4U CorsairFormation Aerobatics, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Tolson, HubieCommercialUnrestrictedBoeing Stearman - All variants, Sukhoi SU-26/29/31Circle the Jumper, Solo Aerobatics, Wingwalking2019-12-31

Trischuk, Stefan CommercialUnrestrictedPipistrel Virus, Pitts Special - All variants, Sopwith PupDogfight, Formation Aerobatics, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31

Tucker, SeanCommercialUnrestrictedASU Challenger II, ASU Challenger III, Cessna/Columbia 400, Extra 300 - All variants, Lancair/Columbia 350/400, Pitts Special - All variantsCircle the Jumper, Formation Aerobatics, Inverted Ribbon Cut, Night Shows, Pyro, Solo Aerobatics2019-12-31