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ICAS members, and by association air shows themselves, represent a major marketing opportunity for enterprising organizations. Getting in front of ICAS members is possible through exhibits and sponsorships at the ICAS Annual Convention, display advertising in the award-winning Air Shows Magazine, and, now, through banner advertising on the new ICAS website. Each of these marketing opportunities represent a tremendous value. To inquire about rates and/or availability, please contact Adam Glowaski at AGlowaski@airshows.aero or at 703-779-8510.

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Ten Reasons to Advertise in Air Shows Magazine

1. Air Shows Magazine delivers the air show industry's decision makers. From the smallest local shows to the "mega-events" in large cities, from San Diego to Shearwater, and from Ft. Lauderdale to North Bay, Air Shows Magazine - and your advertising message featured prominently in it- goes to the air show professionals who make the decisions on which air show performers and support service providers to hire.

2. An advertisement in Air Shows Magazine helps you establish national presence. If you advertise in a national publication, you are perceived as being a national act. This is not simply an opinion; it’s a matter of practical fact established by previously regional acts that have changed the perception of the air show event organizers in large part through their commitment to a national advertising campaign. Could there be a more efficient or cost-effective tool for shaping the air show community’s perception on your organization?

3. Advertising in Air Shows Magazine is inexpensive, both absolutely and relatively. Our advertising rates allow you to reach out to precisely those people you want to contact for significantly less money that other aviation publications. In fact, it is this targeted audience that allows ICAS to offer such reasonable advertising rates in Air Shows Magazine, rates that allow you to run a year-long advertising campaign for the cost of a single ad in some publications.

4. Advertising in Air Shows Magazine offers hassle-free design services. We know that most air show performers and support service providers are not yet in a position to hire Madison Avenue ad agencies or expensive graphic design firms to develop their ads. So, we make the process of placing, designing and running an ad in Air Shows Magazine as easy as we possibly can. Commit to a schedule of multiple ads and we’ll even design your ad at no additional cost. It’s  a deal you won’t find anywhere else in the publishing world, part of our effort to make advertising in Air Shows Magazine as accessible and affordable as possible for all our members.

5. Air Shows Magazine looks professional, providing you with an attractive and easy-to-read platform from which to communicate your marketing message. From the graphics and photographs to the premium paper and printing quality, Air Shows looks and feels like the award–winning publication that it is. Isn’t this the kind of vehicle that you want to use for your limited advertising budget? Shouldn’t your organization’s professional image be complemented by the professional image of the publication in which you advertise?

6. Air Shows Magazine contains the editorial substance needed to support and complement your advertising message. From the concessions, sponsorship, and marketing to safety issues, budgeting and volunteer management, Air Shows Magazine focuses on the most compelling event organizer issues…the kinds of topics that ensure our readers spend considerable time with each and every issue…the kind of professional, pertinent writing that ensure our members see and read the advertisements contained in Air Shows Magazine.

7. Your advertising investments in Air Shows Magazine is plowed back into the air show industry and ultimately used to help us help you. Because ICAS is 501(c)(3) non-profit trade association, the advertising revenue generated by Air Shows Magazine is ultimately used to help us fund the ICAS membership programs from which you  benefit…programs like our spectator and air show surveys, FAA and Transport Canada lobbying efforts, our industry public relations programs, our Fast Facts newsletter, and Air Shows Magazine.

8. Air Shows Magazine uses a specific graphic design style that ensures maximum visibility and readability of your ad.  Because we know that it is our advertisers that make it possible for ICAS to publish Air Shows Magazine, we want our readers to read our ENTIRE magazine, both ads and editorial. So we use a very deliberate graphic design style that blurs the distinction between editorial material and advertising material. Our research tells us that this in creases the likelihood that readers will read and remember your advertising message.

9. The editorial content of Air Shows Magazine is multi-faceted. We know that some people read Air Shows for “how-to” type information. Others read it for the latest news in the air show business. Still others want to learn new ideas used by other air show event organizers and performers. To ensure that there is editorial content for all our readers AND to ensure that every reader is compelled to read through every issue and see your advertisement, we deliberately keep the editorial content diverse and ever-changing.

10. Air Shows Magazine is stable. As the official news magazine of the International Council of Air Shows, Air Shows Magazine is as stable and dependable as ICAS itself, with all the history, tradition and experience of serving for 34 years as THE organization representing the interest of air show performers, event organizers and support service providers. We’re here and we’ll be here for the foreseeable future.