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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does everyone in the organization have to have a membership?
Answer - No. The membership is for the organization, and all individuals who are affiliated with that organization are included in the membership.

How do I get details on the next air show in my area?
Answer - Most air shows are members of ICAS. If they are, you can find contact information with that show's calendar listing. ICAS does not provide and does not have contact information on non-member air shows.

How many air shows are there in North America each year?
Answer - Although the precise number varies from one year to the next, the International Council of Air Shows estimates that 325-350 air shows are held each year in the United States and Canada.

How many people attend air shows each year?
Answer - The International Council of Air Shows estimates that between 10 and 12 million people attend air shows in the United States and Canada each year.

I had my evaluation last month and just received my card. Why does my SAC card expire at the end of this year and not the end of next year?
Answer - The expiration date is based on whether you have a current card at the time of your evaluation. If you have allowed your SAC to expire, then your next card will expire in the same year as the evaluation.

May I purchase an exhibit hall pass for a family member or friend who is not registered for the convention?
Answer - No. There are no exhibit hall passes. Everyone who enters or attends a booth in the exhibit hall must be a registered delegate (with the exception of the exhibit session on the last day of the convention when registered delegates may bring in family members or friends).

What is a Statement of Aerobatic Competency?
Answer - To perform aerobatics at an air show in the United States or Canada, a pilot must hold a Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card. This card is issued by either the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Transport Canada, but the process of applying for that card is administered by ICAS.

ICAS administers the Statement of Aerobatic Competency program - on behalf of the FAA and Transport Canada - requiring pilots to demonstrate their aerobatic competency and understanding of air show-related regulations in an annual evaluation conducted by an ICAS-approved Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE). The evaluation includes both a ground and flight evaluation.

When will an air show be held next in my area?
Answer - There are air shows in or near virtually every community in the United States and Canada. To identify the show closest to you, click here.

Why am I having trouble accessing the content on this website?
Answer - Most of the content on this website is only accessible to ICAS members. If you are not a member and would like access to that content, you must first join ICAS. If you are a member and you are having difficulty, please contact ICAS headquarters at 703-779-8510.

Why should I join ICAS? What are the benefits?
Answer - ICAS is the organizational rallying point for the North American air show industry. More than 80 percent of air show industry professionals are already members and are already benefitting from the extensive program of benefits that ICAS offers to its dues-paying members. From our award-winning publications and critical, member-only e-mail alerts to our popular and productive annual convention to our educational programming and our leadership on air show-related regulatory issues, ICAS works and advocates on your behalf.

Why should I stay at the headquarters hotel if I am able to get a cheaper rate elsewhere?
Answer - The ICAS Annual Convention schedule is packed full with educational and social networking opportunities that begin very early in the morning and end very late each day. To maximize your participation at all events and garner the most out of attendance, we strongly recommend you stay at the headquarters hotel. Eliminate the need for cabs, car rental, designated drivers and lost time navigating Las Vegas by staying at the headquarters property.

Why was the expiration date of SAC cards changed to the end of the year?
Answer - The SAC expiration date was changed so that SAC card holders could arrange their renewal evaluation at any time during the calendar year and so that it coincided with other aviation renewal systems.

Do I have to be an ICAS member to advertise in Air Shows magazine?
Answer - No. For information on advertising with ICAS contact Mary Ann McManamay at McManamay@airshows.aero or 703-409-1162.

Does registration get you into everything at the convention?
Answer - No, there are four workshops which require an additional fee: Air Force Open House Workshop, Air Shows 101: Air/Ground Operations Training, Air Shows 102: Business Basics, and Sponsorship for Events Workshop. Entry to all exhibit sessions, the many concurrent education sessions, and the social events are included in the price of registration. For information on the convention click here.

How do I apply for a Statement of Aerobatic Competency card?
Answer - ICAS administers the Statement of Aerobatic Competency program - on behalf of the FAA and Transport Canada - requiring pilots to demonstrate their aerobatic competency and understanding of air show-related regulations in an evaluation conducted by an ICAS-approved Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE). The evaluation includes both a ground and flight evaluation.


If you are a new applicant, you must have an individual record in our database.

Before adding an individual record, first check to see if a record already exists for you by clicking "Member Search" at the top bar.

1. If your name is currently in the database, when you search the database (at Member Search bottom left), your name should appear at the bottom left of the screen.

If you don't know your user name and password, please contact the ICAS office for assistance.

If you know your user name, but not your password, you can reset it by following the password prompt in the upper right-hand corner.

a. Log in (in the upper right-hand corner) with your user name and password.
b. At the left navigation panel, click on "My ICAS" and "My Info" and your profile will appear. Complete all remaining fields and save the information by clicking 'Update Information' at the bottom.
c. At the left panel, click "SAC Application"
d. Review your information for accuracy and correct any errors or omissions.
e. Complete (all fields) on the application.
f. Click "Find an ACE"
g. Highlight an ACE and enter your payment information.
h. Check the box approving the ACE Manual and click "Submit"

Note: A notifying email will be sent to the selected ACE. Once your evaluation is completed, your ACE will log in and complete the ACE's portion of the application and submit it to ICAS for review.
When ICAS has submitted your application to your FSDO, you will receive a notifying email. You may then follow up with your FSDO to check the status of your application.

2. If your name is not in the database, click on "Join ICAS" at the top bar and complete the form that appears.

Follow steps above.

3. If you also would like to become a member of ICAS, please click "My ICAS" and then "New Organization" at the left panel and follow the instructions provided, or contact the ICAS office for assistance.

How do I obtain music licensing for an air show?
Answer - ICAS is able to provide its members with a single transaction to secure music licensing for their event. ICAS members are eligible to purchase one license per year for the duration of their event for all three music licensing agencies, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Contact Karen Connors at connors@airshows.aero or 703-779-8510 to sign up or for additional information.

How much is registration for the ICAS convention?
Answer - The current rate is $695. Beginning in 2022, convention pricing began to follow a dynamic structure based on number of registrants. Click here for registration information.

What is included in the convention registration fee?
Answer - All concurrent education sessions, social events, and exhibit hall sessions are included in the full registration fee. Special workshops require an additional fee. Click here to view the tentative schedule.

When are the winners from the Marketing Competition announced?
Answer - The winners of the 2023 Marketing Competition will be announced at the Innovation Awards Luncheon held at the ICAS Convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday, December 6.

Administrative Questions

I'm having a great time and want to share my experience. What social media outlets does ICAS use?
Answer - ICAS can be found on any of the major social media outlets:

On our main Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ICASHQ

On our convention Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ICASConvention

On Twitter: twitter.com/ICAS_HQ

On Instagram: instagram.com/icas_hq/

Please feel free to use #ICAS23 for all of your convention-related social media posts.

When will the jet team schedules be announced at the convention?
Answer - The jet team schedules will be announced at the opening session the morning of Tuesday Dec 5th and will be available on the ICAS website once announced under the Air Shows Calendar menu, By Military Jet Team submenu.

Where do I bring my future air show dates for inclusion in the air show schedule?
Answer - To get a head start, send your dates to ICAS at icas@airshows.aero.

Where is the most recent show schedule?
Answer - Go to https://airshows.aero/calendar and you can use the By Location, By Date, By Military Jet Team, or Other Calendar Options dropdown menus to find updated show listings.

Why is the ICAS Convention always held in December?
Answer - With an air show season that begins in mid-March and ends in early November, and with the Thanksgiving holiday falling each year in late November, years of experimenting and surveying have identified the first or second full week in December as the one time that is most convenient for the largest number of ICAS members, including both those with late fall shows and those with early spring shows.

Air Shows

Can I add an air show to the schedule?
Answer - To have your event added to our calendar of air show listings, contact ICAS headquarters at 703-779-8510 or by e-mail at icas@airshows.aero.


How much are exhibit booths at the ICAS Convention?
Answer - Standard booths are $750, premium booths are $775 and Superior booths are $800. Click here for additional information on the exhibit hall.

What is appropriate dress for the convention?
Answer - Generally, dress for the ICAS Convention is business casual.

This year, the traditional kick-off Welcome Reception on Monday theme will be announced soon..

Though there is no official policy within the military, with the exception of Flight Suit Day on Wednesday and Mess Dress for the Chairman's Banquet on Thursday evening, it is unusual for military representatives to wear their military uniforms.

Wednesday is Flight Suit Day. All pilots and performers are encouraged to wear their flight suits.

The Thursday night Chairman's Banquet is a "black tie optional" event. Though many of our convention delegates choose to wear tuxedos (Mess Dress for military), and evening dresses, they are not required, and you will not feel out of place if you come in less formal attire. Tuxedo rentals are available through Friar Tux and may be ordered online at https://apps.friartux.com/bt/icas/. Pre-order deadline for tuxedo rentals is November 24, 2023.

Will I be able to buy a day pass for the convention?
Answer - Yes. Single day passes are available for the ICAS Convention. Everything that takes place on that day of the convention (with the exception of special workshops) is included in the fee for that day. Click here for convention registration information.

Education Programming

Do I pay extra for workshops? Why?
Answer - Yes, Air Force Open House Workshop, Air Shows 101: Air/Ground Operations Training Workshop, Sponsorship for Events Workshop, and Air Shows 102: Business Basics Workshop are all courses for which ICAS incurs significant additional costs. We charge a separate fee to pay for those additional costs, but all of the 45-minute breakout sessions offered by ICAS during the convention are available to ICAS Convention delegates at no additional cost.

I am an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator. Am I required to attend the training session?
Answer - ICAS ACEs are required to participate in re-currency training not less than once every two years to maintain their ACE status. We strongly encourage all ACEs to attend this important training session, particularly if you did not attend a session last year and would like to continue serving as an ACE next year.

I understand that ICAS is offering training for Aerobatic Competency Evaluators. I am not an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator, but I'd still like to attend. Can I?
Answer - No, the session has been organized and will be conducted specifically for our evaluators. Non-ACEs are not invited to this session.

Should I attend the First Timers’ Orientation?
Answer - Yes. For more than two decades, this session has been offered as a tool to help newcomers better understand and navigate the ICAS Convention. The format – part lecture, part interactive discussion – has evolved to meet the needs and interests of air show professionals attending their first event. If that describes you, it will likely be a good use of your time.

Why do the convention events start so early in the morning?
Answer - Our goal is to make the ICAS Convention as efficient, productive and helpful as possible for you and our other delegates. To do that, we pack as many different sessions and activities into each day as possible. That sometimes means scheduling sessions early in the morning.

Will the session handouts be available on the ICAS website? Where will I find them and when will they be available?
Answer - Yes. Education Session handouts will be available on the ICAS website under the Convention dropdown menu, Convention Education Session Handouts submenu. They will also be available on the ICAS Convention mobile app. They will be available on the website no later than the Monday following the convention.


Can my staff help man my booth even if they are not registered for the convention?
Answer - No. Except for the last exhibit hall session, every individual on the exhibit hall floor must be a registered ICAS Convention delegate.

I don't have an Exhibit Hall booth. Can I come in and sell my product?
Answer - No. "Suitcasers" are strictly prohibited from selling within the ICAS Convention. In trade show parlance, "suitcasers" are individuals or organizations that attend trade shows and sell without reserving a booth. This practice is a form of theft and is prohibited at the ICAS Convention. If you see non-exhibiting personnel selling without a booth, we ask that you alert an ICAS staff member immediately.

I have a plane to catch and need to break down my booth early.
Answer - Under certain circumstances, ICAS may allow early dismantling of your booth, but early dismantling will result in a reduction of your seniority status for booth selection. Please reference Exhibitor Rules by clicking here.

I’m not really in the business anymore so don’t need a registration but I want to see/talk to my friends in the hall, can I just go in for a few minutes?
Answer - The convention’s last exhibit session allows for guests to enter the hall.

May I purchase a booth for next year after the exhibit space draw?
Answer - Yes. Following the booth selection process that will take place at a later date after the ICAS Convention and after those selections have been confirmed, ICAS will make all unsold booths available to organizations that did not participate in the space draw.

May I set up my booth in the morning before the first exhibit hall session?
Answer - No. All booths must be set up by Monday, December 12, unless special arrangements were made prior to the convention.

May I take a helper into the hall with me (only during set-up) to help me without their having to register?
Answer - Yes, but only during set-up and if arrangements for this have been made in advance.

My air show is a nonprofit organization. Do you have any non-profit discounts on the registration/booth space?
Answer - Unfortunately, no. ICAS is itself a nonprofit corporation and more than half of the delegates attending the convention are representing air show-related nonprofit organizations. So, we are not able to offer nonprofit discounts.

Why are there so few/many exhibit hours?
Answer - Each year, ICAS adjusts the exhibit schedule based on the feedback we received following past conventions. Although our goal is to have everybody say we have exactly the right number of exhibit hours, it has been our experience that we get the mix just about right when we have equal number of delegates say that they want more exhibit hours as we have delegates who say they want fewer exhibit hours.

Why can’t I get to my booth when the exhibit hall is not open?
Answer - For security reasons, ICAS Convention rules say that exhibitors can enter 30 minutes prior to opening and stay 30 minutes after closing. This is largely a security issue. During past ICAS Conventions, items have been stolen from booths. We don’t think you are going to steal anything, but this policy from ICAS has largely eliminated thefts. We recognize that it can sometimes be inconvenient for some of our exhibitors, but it’s an unavoidable inconvenience. Please reference Exhibitor Rules by clicking here: https://airshows.aero/ViewDoc/3930


Is there free Wi-Fi in the event space?
Answer - In the Low Rise (casino and conference space) areas of Caesars Entertainment properties, Wi-Fi is free. Guests must sign-in and provide an e-mail address when prompted.

My spouse accompanied me this week, what can she/he do to entertain herself/himself?
Answer - We recommend asking the hotel’s concierge or visiting lasvegas.com for information on shows, events, or other activities taking place in the city. In addition, ICAS has individual tickets to all of our social/meal events available for purchase should your spouse wish to join you at our opening welcome reception, our Wednesday Pinnacle Awards luncheon, or our Thursday evening Chairman’s Banquet.

What is the best way to get from the airport to Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel?
Answer - Your best bet is to cab it or call an Uber/Lyft. Fares from McCarran Airport to Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel are typically $25 - $35, including tip.

What is the discounted hotel rate and what do I get?
Answer - ICAS has negotiated a special room rate at Caesars Palace Las Vegas for the 2023 convention. $169 per night plus tax Sunday, December 3 through Thursday, December 7. $209 per night plus tax Friday, December 1, Saturday, December 2, and Friday, December 8th. Reservations made within the ICAS block include a complimentary Resort Fee. The complimentary daily Resort Fee includes the following services: in-room high speed internet each day (two devices per day, daily access to the fitness center for two, and all local calls.

These rates are guaranteed through November 10, 2023 or whenever the block is filled, whichever comes first.

Where can I park my RV/Trailer for the week while I’m here?
Answer - If you plan on bringing your oversized vehicle to the convention, please contact Karen Connors at connors@airshows.aero.

Where is ________?
Answer - All education sessions, the welcome reception, the opening general session, luncheon, and banquet are held in the Forum meeting facilities area. For directions to Forum locations, follow the hotel and casino signage in the hallways and lobbies or the front desk can provide you with assistance.


Can a membership be in the name of an organization or individual?
Answer - A membership may be listed as an organization or an individual. One person will be named as the primary contact (or voting member) of each membership. Other contacts may be added, but only the primary contact has voting privileges. All individuals within a current membership have access to the members only portion of the website and may register for the annual ICAS Convention under that membership.

Mobile App

Changing Your Device's Language
Answer - On iOS: From your device's home screen, tap Settings, then General, then select Language and Region. Tap iPhone Language and choose your preferred language from the list.

On Android: Swipe down on the home screen, then click the gear in the top right. Tap Language and Input, then Language. Choose your preferred language from the list.

Checking Notifications
Answer - Stay up-to-date with the latest event news and announcements like schedule changes, reminders, and contest winners.

Just select notifications from the main menu list on the home page to see all of your notifications.

Connecting to Wi-Fi
Answer - In order to receive updates, such as content changes and push notifications, you'll need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

1. Navigate out of the app.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

3. Tap Wi-Fi.

4. Connect to the venue's internet.

How Do I Allow Push Notifications?
Answer - Allowing Push Notifications On iOS:

1. From the home screen, tap Settings, then notifications.
2. Find your event's app on the list and tap its name. Switch Allow Notifications on.

Allow Push Notifications on Android:

Note: Not all Android phones are the same. The directions below walk you through the most common OS, Android 9.0.

1. Swipe down on the home screen, then click the gear in the top right. Tap Sounds and notifications.

2. Scroll down and tap app notifications. Find your event's app on the list. Switch notifications from off to on.

Learn About the Speakers
Answer - 1. Tap the Speakers icon.

2. Tap Speakers by Name.

3. Tap the name of a speaker from the list to see their profile.

Want to save a favorite speaker? Tap Bookmark on the speaker's profile. To quickly find them again, tap the Speakers icon, then Bookmarked Speakers.

Live Mobile App Help
Answer - Live help is available onsite with the App.

Please visit Registration and Member Services in the Caucus Boardroom during registration hours.

Meet the Sponsors and Exhibitors
Answer - The app has a profile for all the sponsors and exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall. To check out their mobile profile:

1. Tap the Exhibitors icon.

2. Tap Exhibitors by Name.

3. Find the exhibitor you're looking for from the alphabetical list.

Want to save a favorite exhibitor? Tap the bookmark icon next to the exhibitor. Then, under the Exhibitors icon's first menu, tap Bookmarked Exhibitors.

Looking for the sponsor profiles? They may be listed underneath their own Sponsors icon.

Posting to the Activity Feed
Answer - 1. Tap the hamburger icon at the top of the event's homescreen.

2. Tap Activity Feed under Event Guide.

3. Tap Post at the top of the screen.

4. Write your post.

5. If you tap Add Photo, your camera will come up, and you can either take a picture or select a photo from your gallery to add to your post.

7. Tap Share.

Your post may take a couple moments to appear on the Event Feed. For the impatient among us, swipe down to refresh the feed.

See a post that stands out to you? You can leave a like by tapping the heart icon or comment on it by tapping the speech bubble.

Searching the App
Answer - General Searches

The search feature searches everything within the app, including sessions, speakers, organizations, and information pages.

Looking for an attendee?

The app only searches for attendees from the attendee list, so if you're looking for someone, tap the Attendees icon to see who's here.

Set Your Profile to Private
Answer - If you'd rather have control over who can see your profile, you can set it to private.

After logging in, tap the profile icon, and deselect "Display My Profile"

Taking and Reviewing Notes
Answer - You can take notes on sessions, speakers, other attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors directly in the app. To do this:

1. Find the page you'd like to take a note on.

2. Tap the notes icon.

3. Write your note.

You can access all of your notes in the My profile section of the side menu under the My Notes icon.

Updating the App Version
Answer - We are always releasing new features, so it is important for your to be on the latest operating version so you can take advantage of all of the latest features.


1. Navigate to the App Store on your device.

2. In the bottom right of the App Store, tap on Updates.

3. Check to see if the App has an update available.


1. Navigate to the Play Store on your device.

2. Tap on the Extras button in the top left and select My Apps.

3. Check to see if the App has an update available.

Updating Your Device
Answer - IF you're having trouble downloading the app or experiencing other critical issues, you'll want to ensure your phone is up to date.


1. Navigate the the Settings icon on your device.

2. Tap on General and then Software Update.


1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your device.

2. Tap the About Phone label and select the Android Version label.

3. Tap on Software Update.

Before completing an update, ensure you have a back-up of your device saved on a personal computer and that you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Using Maps
Answer - Under the Maps icon, there are two different kinds of maps. One of the meeting rooms and exhibit hall in the event venue, and a city map with points of interest around the event venue.

Venue Map: From the map, tap the red dot to see what sessions will take place in that room or which organization is exhibiting there.

You can also view the map from a session or exhibitor description page by tapping the location name next to the pinpoint icon.

City Map: Tap a pin on the map to pull up more information on that location. You can even tap the address to access driving directions on your device's default maps app, like Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Viewing Your Schedule
Answer - Tap the Schedule icon to see the full event schedule with session times, descriptions, speakers, and where they're happening.

Tap the bookmark next to the session name to add it to your schedule and create a personalized agenda. Tap My Schedule from any view within the schedule to access your agenda for the convention.


Can I register for the convention and special workshops on site?
Answer - Yes. If you require assistance, visit the registration desk, and one of our staff will be happy to register you there.

Can I sit at a booth in the exhibit hall -- without being registered -- to help, if I don't attend any other convention activities?
Answer - No. Except for the last exhibit hall session, every individual on the exhibit hall floor must be a registered ICAS Convention delegate. The last exhibit hall session is open to delegates and their non-registered guests.

Can I use a previous year's badge? I printed my confirmation and just stuck it in there.
Answer - No. The badge issued to you by ICAS for any previous ICAS Convention provided access to you for those events. To participate in this year’s ICAS Convention, you must have credentials for this year’s ICAS Convention.

Do I need a membership to register for the convention?
Answer - Yes. If you are not coming to the convention with an organization that has an existing membership, then your organization will need a membership. With that one membership, you may register as many individuals as you desire, but each person must pay an individual registration fee.

Do you have to be a member of ICAS to attend the ICAS Convention?
Answer - Yes. Each person who attends the convention must be a member either as an individual or be affiliated with a member organization.

Does everyone in the organization have to have a membership?
Answer - No. The membership is for the organization, and all individuals who are affiliated with that organization are included in the membership.

I paid my booth fee, why do I have to pay registration fee?
Answer - To keep our exhibit booth rates as low as possible, to provide exhibitors with maximum flexibility, and because ICAS has a long history of charging for booth fees and registration fees separately, the fees you pay for your booth do not include individual delegate registration.

I'm thinking about becoming an ICAS member but want to check out the convention before I commit. Can I still attend if I'm not an ICAS member?
Answer - No. The ICAS Convention is where the business of air shows gets done and is the single most important benefit we offer our members. You must be a paid member in good standing to register for and attend the ICAS Convention. To begin or renew your membership, go to airshows.aero/Page/JoinICAS. Once you join, you'll not only be able to attend the convention, you'll also benefit from the many other benefits of ICAS membership.

If I'm registered and then am unable to attend, can someone else replace me without an admin charge?
Answer - Yes, but please submit your request in writing to ICAS. Please contact Headquarters at 703-779-8510 or ICAS@airshows.aero with any questions.

What does my registration fee include?
Answer - Your registration fee includes access to the ICAS Convention exhibit hall throughout the convention as well as participation in all of the convention’s 45-minute breakout sessions. It includes your participation in the Welcome Reception, lunch on the exhibit hall floor, a sit-down lunch for the Innovation Awards presentations, dinner at the Chairman’s Banquet, and participation in the Survivor Party following the Chairman’s Banquet.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
Answer - • No refunds on cancellations received after November 1, 2023.
• Cancellation requests must be received in writing at ICAS headquarters.
• We recommend emailing icas@airshows.aero, especially if it’s close to the refund deadline.

Social & Ticketed Events

Am I required to have a reservation to attend the luncheon and banquet?
Answer - No. Registered delegates do not need a reservation. However, we do recommend making table reservations via our online portal (www.airshows.aero/Page/Reservations) so you can reserve seating with those you would like to sit with. You may reserve seats for other registered delegates or non-registered guests with a paid event ticket.

Can I get a refund for my social event ticket?
Answer - No, ICAS does not refund portions of the registration fee. Our costs are fixed whether you attend the social event or not. Social event tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Can I, as a registered delegate, purchase social event tickets for family members or friends?
Answer - Yes. Registered delegates may purchase additional tickets for the Welcome Reception: Toga Party! ($70), Innovation Awards Luncheon ($70), and the Chairman’s Banquet ($110) online during the seating reservation process (opens in late November - early December) or at the ICAS registration desk on-site at the convention. Social event tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Does my guest need a ticket for (reception/luncheon/banquet)?
Answer - Yes. Non-registered guests at the Welcome Reception, Pinnacle Awards Luncheon and Chairman's Banquet will need a ticket. Prices for each 2022 event will be available after registration goes on sale and tickets can also be purchased on site. Social event tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

I hear a lot of talk about the bar. Why is that so important?
Answer - Right from its beginning, the informal interaction of air show colleagues has been a critical element of the success of the ICAS Convention. And much of that informal interaction takes place at the sponsored bar in the hotel hosting the event. There’s no requirement that you drink alcohol, but some of your most helpful conversations will take place after hours as fellow convention delegates share lessons learned…good and bad.

I want my wife/husband to attend the banquet with me. A friend is leaving early and gave me his ticket. Can I use it for my wife/husband?
Answer - No, registration fees or portions of registration fees are not transferrable. If your husband/wife would like to attend the banquet with you, we would love to have him/her, but he/she will need to buy a ticket to the event.

I want to reserve a table for lunch/dinner but I don’t know the names of everyone that will be sitting with me yet. Can I just reserve a table and come back and tell you the names later?
Answer - No, it really is necessary to have all the names so we may ensure that someone in your party isn’t already sitting with another group and have duplicate reservations.

I won’t be able to make it to the Banquet. Can I get a refund for the amount of the banquet?
Answer - No. Catering arrangements with the hotel are made many months before the convention. Costs for the banquet and other food functions are committed many weeks before the convention. ICAS does not refund portions of the registration fee.

I would like to bring my wife/husband/friend to the welcome reception/luncheon/banquet. Can I buy single-event social event tickets?
Answer - Yes. Non-registered guests at the Welcome Reception, Pinnacle Awards Luncheon and Chairman's Banquet will need a ticket. The Welcome Reception: Toga Party! and Innovation Awards Luncheon is $70 while the Chairman’s Banquet is $110, and tickets can also be purchased on site. Social event tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

The hotel wants to charge me for bringing in my own wine to the banquet…can they do that?
Answer - The hotel does not allow outside food and beverage. Should you choose to bring your own, they can charge you a corkage fee.

What should I do if I have special dietary needs?
Answer - Prior to the convention, please note them during the online registration process. Upon arrival at the ICAS registration desk, inform a staff member, and they will provide cards for you to complete and present to the wait staff at both the luncheon and banquet.

Where do I pick up and return my tuxedo for the banquet?
Answer - Tuxedo rental information and ordering is available online. Pre-ordered tuxedos are typically delivered to the bell desk. After the event, return tuxedos to the Bell Desk before noon, and they will be collected by Tuxedo Junction at no extra charge.

Why are the drink prices so expensive at the hotel bar?
Answer - Drink prices – beer, wine, and liquor – have been increasing steadily over the last several years at all Las Vegas hotels. ICAS has negotiated small discounts for convention delegates, but the hotel’s management makes pricing decisions. We advocate on your behalf, but there are many considerations beyond our control that come into play, including trends throughout the casino and hotel industries.