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ICAS Supports Traverse City Air Show Position

March 18th, 2024

For 35 years, the National Cherry Festival Air Show in Traverse City, Michigan, has been celebrated as an event that significantly contributes to its community's identity and economy. Recognized among the top ten percent of over 200 annual U.S. air shows for its exceptional planning and operation, the event's future is now at risk due to stringent pre-conditions imposed by the Northwest Regional Airport Authority. These demands threaten to dismantle the air show's organization, challenging the feasibility of its continuation.


Despite the airport authority's concerns over airline operation disruptions, the adjustments required are minor and common, successfully managed in numerous air shows nationwide without significant inconvenience. The National Cherry Festival Air Show, held remotely over the waters of the West Grand Traverse Bay, demands even less complex adjustments than those held at airports with scheduled service. The International Council of Air Shows has publicly called for the Traverse City community and the Northwest Regional Airport Authority to reconsider these restrictions, recognizing the show's immense value and the irreplaceable loss its absence would inflict on the local economy and spirit.