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Music Licensing Through ICAS: The Easy Way To Handle It

April 20th, 2023

ICAS is again issuing music licenses for ICAS member air shows for the three major U.S. music licensing organizations: ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC for the 2023 air show season.


Last year, ICAS finalized agreements with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC that allow ICAS to conduct virtually all the administrative work associated with securing the three music licenses. With those agreements, ICAS can secure these music licenses for member shows at a price that is lower than air shows can secure them on their own.


The music licensing initiative by ICAS was prompted by a decision by one of the U.S. music licensing organizations to change the method by which music license fees are calculated. That change would have dramatically increased the fees U.S. air shows pay to that organization. Instead, last year ICAS stepped in to negotiate a lower flat fee for ICAS members only. ICAS has built a process that is easier and less expensive by packaging all three U.S. music licenses together. 


Each ICAS member air show is eligible for a single package of the three music licenses based on the number of public air show days, and getting music licenses this year couldn’t be simpler. If you would like to secure your music licenses through ICAS, just send an email to connors@airshows.aero to tell us. That’s it. 


If you decide not to participate in this new ICAS program, you may continue to secure your music licenses through ASCAP, BMI and SESAC individually. In all cases, if you go at it alone, your music licensing fees will be higher than those negotiated by ICAS on your behalf.