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Anatomy of Air Show Accidents Available for Purchase

April 14th, 2021

ICAS and the International Air Show Safety Team have combined forces to publish and distribute a new book that will quickly become the definitive reference source on air show accidents. Written by the late Major General Des Barker (South African Air Force, retired), Anatomy of Air Show Accidents is a 662-page master class and “how to” manual for air show pilots committed to flying low-level aerobatic performances as safely as possible.


This comprehensive volume includes narrative discussions of the factors influencing accidents, statistical analysis and categorization of past air show accidents, and a detailed explanation of the air show pilot mentality and the role it plays in air show accidents. The book also includes sections on the history of air shows, the safety challenges built into air show flying, discussions on the moral imperative to protect air show spectators, the regulatory environment in which air shows are organized and conducted, the long-term implications of high air show accident rates, the physiology and psychology of decision making, an overview of recent air show litigation, and much, much more.


The cost of Anatomy of Air Show Accidents is $59.00. For orders shipped anywhere in the United States, there is a flat $10.00 postage/shipping fee. Shipping fees for other countries will be calculated and confirmed with the recipient before the sale is finalized and the book is shipped. 


To order your copy, fill out this order form and return it via email to ICAS headquarters at icas@airshows.aero