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ICAS Members Pursue Different Approach to Military Open House/Air Shows

September 21st, 2013
In response to the cancellation of virtually all military open houses this year, two ICAS members -- Jim Breen of Air Show Network and Mike McCabe of AirSupport, LLC -- have collaborated to develop a “white paper” proposing possible alternatives. Before this document enters wide circulation with the military and others, Jim and Mike wanted to share it with ICAS members and solicit their comments. “Whatever new developments the next few months bring, even under the best of circumstances, it’s clear that funding for military air shows and open houses will be less reliable and less plentiful than it has been in the recent past,” says ICAS President John Cudahy. “This proposal is a thoughtful, reasonable alternative. It will require some changes in thinking among senior military leadership, but there is precedent for this kind of thing within the U.S. federal government and at military shows conducted in other countries. This proposal deserves serious consideration and comment, and, ultimately, our industry’s support.” You can visit the Facebook page explaining this new approach by clicking here. You can read the full white paper by clicking here.