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Elevate your Airshow Season – NWCAS Conference March 1st & 2nd

January 16th, 2013
Whether you are a producer, performer, air boss, announcer or support provider, this conference is guaranteed to have the networking, contacts and best practices that will ensure 2013 is your best air show season yet! We have a fantastic speaker line up with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 test pilot Billie Flynn kicking off our Friday afternoon, Mary Lee bringing us new and inventive marketing methods and Lt. Colonel Jon “Huggy” Huggins will have us flying high with his U2 and T-38 highlights. Part three of “Thinking Inside the Box” will add value to our focus on our safety and efficiency and the military agencies and the FAA will be on hand with the latest updates. And you won’t want to miss the legendary NWCAS hospitality starting on Friday night with our welcome event. To top it all off, our wind-up banquet is in the Space Gallery at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Astronaut John Creighton will walk us through the space shuttle program and you can experience the full flight trainer first hand. For more information: www.nwcas.org.