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ICAS Survey Indicates Air Show Ticket Prices Have Increased

April 13th, 2011
A just completed survey of ICAS event organizers indicates that air show admission ticket prices have increased significantly since members were last surveyed in the spring of 2008. Based on the responses of more than 100 event organizers, the average (mean) cost of an adult admission ticket purchased at the gate in 2011 will be $19.07 (vs. $13.98 in 2008). The median price for an adult, on-site ticket will be $20.00. The mean average price for an advanced purchased, adult ticket during the 2011 air show season will be $15.33 (vs. $12.03 in 2008) with a median price of $15.00. “Based on this survey and anecdotal information that has been coming in during the last eighteen months, it appears that air show event organizers now recognize that admission prices had been too low for many years,” says ICAS President John Cudahy. “Average adult ticket prices are now approaching $20 and there are now a number of shows charging $25 per day.” By comparison, the average ticket prices for an NFL football game in 2010 was $76.47 and a National Hockey League game ticket averaged $54.25. The average cost of a one-day admission ticket to a destination amusement park like Disney or Universal Studios was $72.72 and regional amusement park adult ticket prices were $44.20 per day. “Even with the recent increase in average ticket price, air shows are still a bargain as compared to virtually any other entertainment options,” says Cudahy. Ticket prices for seniors and children attending air shows in 2011 have shown similar increases with on-site senior tickets selling for an average of $16.89 in 2011 vs. $11.74 in 2008 and children’s tickets averaging $8.44 this year vs. $6.10 in 2008. The complete results of this most recent membership survey will be published in the second quarter issue of Air Shows Magazine.