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Art Scholl Showmanship Award

Each year, the International Council of Air Shows presents the Art Scholl Showmanship Award to the air show act or performer which best exemplifies the qualities of showmanship demonstrated by Art Scholl.

Scholl was killed while filming a flying sequence off the coast of California on September 16, 1985. A long-time and active ICAS member, he was a renowned aerobatic pilot and consummate air show performer. He flew his Penzoil Chipmunk aircraft before an estimated audience of 80 million people over 20 years and appeared in more than 200 motion picture films, documentaries and television commercials.

His exacting, exciting and entertaining performances were a reflection of the best in our industry. He was a dedicated professional who practiced tirelessly to get the most from himself and his airplane without sacrificing safety. His unique blend of pilot skills and showmanship always left his audiences wanting more. Every aspect of his performance - his marketing support for the shows he flew in, his personal appearance, the quality and professionalism of his flying, and his personal integrity - emphasized his determination to contribute to the overall success of any show in which he took part. Throughout his career, he set the standard by which all other air show performers have since been measured.


Air and ground acts - including announcers - are eligible for the award. Past recipients may also be nominated. The selection of each year's award recipient will be made by a committee comprised of a representative from the ICAS Board of Directors, two past recipients of the award, and two at-large members, each of who has at least ten years of experience in the air show business. Using the form, a member can nominate anybody - including him or herself - and may nominate more than one candidate. Nominations will also be accepted from non-members.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will make its selection from among all of the nominees based on a single criteria: air show showmanship. What does the performer do and how has he structured his act to improve its entertainment value? From a showmanship perspective, how has the candidate distinguished and differentiated himself from other, more traditional air show performers? What has the candidate done to improve and increase the overall level of showmanship in the air show community? From an entertainment and showmanship perspective, does the candidate deserve to be recognized in the same context as Art Scholl and the past recipients of this award.

Nomination Procedure

To nominate a performer or performers for the Art Scholl Showmanship Award, complete and return the nomination form. You may nominate as many performers as you think are appropriate, including yourself. You are also permitted to anonymously nominate a performer or performers. The goal of the nomination process is to ensure that all prospective candidates are considered by the Selection Committee. Only the information provided on the nomination form will be considered. Other correspondence and support materials will NOT be provided to the Selection Committee members.

Past Recipients

Patty Wagstaff2023
Kirby Chambliss2022
Bill Stein2021
Matt Younkin2020
David Martin2019
Darnell Family2018
Bob Carlton2017
GEICO Skytypers Airshow Team2016
Skip Stewart2015
John Klatt2014
Roger & Pauline Buis2013
Rob Holland2012
Dan Buchanan2011
Steven Hinton2010
Chuck Aaron2009
Gene Soucy2008
Kent Pietsch2007
Michael Goulian2006
Bud Granley2005
AeroShell Aerobatic Team2004
Rich's Incredible Pyro2003
Jim LeRoy2002
Tora Tora Tora2001
John Mohr2000
Jimmy Franklin1999
Julie Clark1998
Wayne Handley1997
Les Shockley1996
Red Baron Pizza Squadron1995
Danny Clisham1994
French Connection Air Shows1993
Sean D. Tucker1992
Leo Loudenslager1991
Johnny Kazian1990
Bob Hoover1989
Craig Hosking1988
Canadian Forces Snowbirds1987
Jimmy Franklin1986