International Council of Air Shows
Strategic Plan

ICAS Strategic Plan

To successfully fulfill the ICAS mission, the ICAS Board of Directors has developed a five-year strategic plan that sets a clear course for the organization in both the short- and mid-term.



“ICAS will establish an expected level of professional performance for event organizers and performers, and develop and maintain tools and programming that help its members reach, maintain and measure that level of professional performance.”



“ICAS will work with its members, non-members and related federal agencies in North America to maintain the highest level of air show safety both on the ground and in the air by fostering a cooperative safety culture among event organizers, performers and support service providers.”



“ICAS will establish and maintain positive working relationships with federal regulators, federal legislators, local government officials and senior military leadership for the purposes of advocating on behalf of the air show community on issues of vital interest to the air show industry; and providing insight and actionable intelligence to help avoid problems when possible and solve them when unavoidable.”



“ICAS will develop communications initiatives to broaden the air show fan base, increase attendance and raise awareness of the benefits of air shows to prospective corporate sponsors.”