Frequently Asked Questions
Convention FAQs



What does my registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes access to the ICAS Virtual Convention website throughout the convention. It includes participation in all of the convention's 45-minute breakout sessions. It includes your participation in the virtual exhibit hall, three keynote sessions, as well as the award announcements.

Can I register for the convention and special seminars during the event?


If I'm registered and then am unable to attend, can someone else replace me without an admin charge?

Yes. Please contact ICAS Headquarters at 703-779-8510 or with any questions.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

All cancellation requests must be received in writing at ICAS headquarters. Registration cancellations received on or prior to December 2, 2020 are fully refundable. Fees paid for workshops and seminars that require an additional fee are also fully refundable on or prior to December 2, 2020. After December 2, 2020 registrations are refundable less a $100 administrative fee and workshops and seminars are refundable less a $25 administrative fee. If delivering a cancellation close to the refund deadline, we recommend emailing it to:

I paid my booth fee, why do I have to pay registration fee?

To keep our exhibit booth rates as low as possible, to provide exhibitors with maximum flexibility and because ICAS has a long history of charging for booth fees and registration fees separately, the fees you pay for your booth do not include individual delegate registration.

I'm thinking about becoming an ICAS member but want to check out the convention before I commit, can I still attend if I'm not an ICAS member?

No. The ICAS Convention is where the business of air shows gets done and is the single most important benefit we offer our members. You must be a paid member in good standing to register for and attend the ICAS Convention. To begin or renew your membership, go to And, once you join, you'll not only be able to attend the convention; you'll also benefit from the many other benefits of ICAS membership.





My air show is a nonprofit organization. Do you have any non-profit discounts on the registration/booth space?

Unfortunately, no. ICAS is itself a nonprofit corporation and more than half of the delegates attending the convention are representing air show-related nonprofit organizations. So, we are not able to offer nonprofit discounts.

Can my staff help man my virtual booth even if they are not registered for the convention?

No. Every individual in the virtual exhibit hall must be a registered ICAS Convention delegate.

May I purchase a booth for next year after the exhibit space draw? 

Yes. Following the booth selection process that will take place at a later date after the Virtual ICAS Convention and after those selections have been confirmed, ICAS will make all unsold booths available to organizations that did not participate in the space draw, typically in March.

I don't have a Virtual Exhibit Hall booth. Can I come in and sell my product?

No. "Suitcasers" are strictly prohibited from selling within the ICAS Virtual Convention. In trade show parlance, "suitcasers" are individuals or organizations that attend trade shows and sell without reserving a booth. This practice is a form of theft and is prohibited at the ICAS Convention. If you see non-exhibiting personnel selling without a virtual booth, we ask that you alert an ICAS staff member immediately.



Education Programming


Should I attend the Orientation?

Yes. The 2020 ICAS Virtual Convention will be vastly different than our in-person convention, and we urge you so take some time getting to know the layout and the virtual convention tool that we have built for you. Orientation session information will be communicated to our delegates by mid-November.

Do I pay extra for workshops? Why?

Yes,  Air Force Open House Workshop,  Air Shows 101: Air/Ground Operations Training Workshop,  Air Boss 201: Advanced Air Boss Workshop,  Sponsorship for Events Workshop and Air Shows 102: Business Basics Workshop are all courses for which ICAS incurs significant additional costs. We charge a separate fee to pay for those additional costs. But all of the 45-minute breakout sessions offered by ICAS during the convention are available to ICAS Convention delegates at no additional cost.

I understand that ICAS is offering training for Aerobatic Competency Evaluators. I am not an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator, but I'd still like to attend. Can I?

No, the session has been organized and will be conducted specifically for our evaluators. Non-ACEs are not invited to this session.

I am an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator. Am I required to attend the training session?

ICAS ACEs are required to participate in re-currency training not less than once every two years to maintain their ACE status. We strongly encourage all ACEs to attend this important training session, particularly if you did not attend a session last year and would like to continue serving as an ACE next year.



General Convention Questions


When will the jet team schedules be announced at the convention?

The jet team schedules will be announced at the opening session on Tuesday (12/8) morning and will be available on the ICAS website under the Air Shows Calendar menu, By Military Jet Team submenu.

Where do I bring my future air show dates for inclusion in the air show schedule? 

To get a head start, download the 2021 Event Organizer Show Form and return it to ICAS at . 

Where is the most recent show schedule?

Go to and you can use the By Location, By Date, By Military Jet Team, or Other Calendar Options dropdown menus to find updated show listings.


I'm having a great time and want to share my experience. What social media outlets does ICAS use?

ICAS can be found on any of the major social media outlets:

On our main Facebook page:

On our convention Facebook page:

On Twitter:

On Instagram:

Please feel free to use #ICAS20 for all of your convention-related social media posts.



Convention Location Questions

Where and when are future conventions?

2021 - Paris Las Vegas, December 6 – 9.

Why is the ICAS Convention always held in the same week in early December?

With an air show season that begins in mid-March and ends in early November, and with the Thanksgiving holiday falling each year in late November, years of experimenting and surveying have identified the first or second full week in December as the one time that is most convenient for the largest number of ICAS members, including both those with late fall shows and those with early spring shows.

Why is the in-person ICAS Convention always in Las Vegas?

Although ICAS has experimented with holding our annual convention in other cities, our delegates have consistently told us that airline travel, hotel costs and night life make Las Vegas the best possible location for the ICAS Convention.

Why is the in-person ICAS Convention always in a Las Vegas casino?

Because Las Vegas casinos have multiple ways to generate revenue from their customers, extensive ICAS research and experience has proven that the casinos are able to offer a lower sleeping room rate and less expensive fees for meeting room and other convention-related expenses. We have also found that the ICAS membership prefers the Las Vegas casino location.