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Early air shows continue to report large crowds

May 3rd, 2009
Although there have now been exceptions to the larger trend, air show event organizers throughout the country continue to report very large crowds as the 2009 air show season hits full stride. From Temple, Texas to Macon, Georgia, event organizers are welcoming unusually large numbers of air show spectators to their events. Moving from the fall to the spring to accommodate a jet team, the N’Awlins Air Show at NAS New Orleans in Louisiana was forced to compete with the legendary New Orleans Jazz Festival this past weekend, but still attracted record crowds. Air shows that had a jet team last year, but did not have one this year have had the expected drop in attendance. Air shows with poor or threatening weather were also less likely to have the large crowds that most of the other shows have welcomed. And there have even been some shows that bucked the trend despite having a jet team and decent weather. But, generally, the trend toward much higher attendance continued through all of April and the first air show weekend of May.