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U.S. Navy Approves New Performer Liability Insurance Policy

March 22nd, 2024

Late last week, the United States Navy approved a new policy on liability insurance for air show performers. An air show performer may now sign a contract and perform on a U.S. Navy base with a $1 million liability insurance policy in place if the performer does not offer aircraft rides originating from that Navy facility. If the pilot does offer rides in his/her aircraft, he/she will require $2 million in liability insurance plus a minimum of $100,000 additional coverage for each passenger seat in the aircraft. 


In recent months, Navy officials had re-interpreted a longstanding policy in a way that would have obligated all performers to secure $2 million in liability coverage. In discussions with ICAS and insurance industry representatives, the Navy approved this new policy that allows performers to maintain $1 million in liability coverage if they do not provide rides from the Navy base. The new policy should allow Navy bases and civilian performers to complete the contracting processes that had been suspended while this problem was being resolved.