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ICAS Schedules SASP Showcase Briefings

February 7th, 2024

ICAS has scheduled two SASP Showcase Briefings for Thursday, February 15 at 4:00 p.m. EST/1:00 p.m. PST and Tuesday, February 20 at 8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 p.m. PST.


The briefings are being held to introduce ICAS member air show event organizers to the Strategic Air Show Partnership (SASP), to explain recent developments with the program, and to announce a new guarantee that ICAS will be offering to all existing and prospective SASP partner air shows.


SASP is a collaborative social media marketing program that ICAS has been operating for three years. ICAS and SASP partner shows collaborate to use a variety of social media tools and platforms to sell air show tickets to partner shows as a complementary marketing program with each partner event. As important, using a sophisticated combination of testing programs, ICAS provides all SASP partners with specific feedback and data analytics to help participating shows improve their own ticket sales and marketing programs. That marketing intelligence is generated not just from the direct marketing done to support each individual SASP show, but from all of the SASP partner air shows.


In the three years since ICAS began the program, ICAS and its partners have spent more than $160,000 on social media advertising and have generated valuable and actionable data and test results to make each partner’s own marketing programs more successful. In 2023 alone, that included more than $48,000 in social media advertising purchases that generated more than $913,000 in trackable, verifiable tickets sales for the participating air shows. That’s an average return on investment of nearly 19 to 1.


“It’s a program that is elegant in both its simplicity and its effectiveness,” says ICAS Vice President of Marketing and Communications Adam Glowaski. “ICAS runs social media marketing programs to sell air show tickets and generate useful data analytics. SASP partner shows can pay for that programming with a small ‘per ticket’ fee added to each on-line ticket sale. It literally costs the show nothing. We can now track and document that the money spent on this ICAS program is generating an average of $19 in ticket sales for every dollar spent with SASP by ICAS. And the information we generate on how to pinpoint each show’s own social media marketing programming is perhaps even more important and valuable than the actual ticket sales.”


In addition to an update on how the program works and what refinements will be made to it in 2024, ICAS will unveil a new guarantee that will eliminate all risk for shows already participating or considering participating during the 2024 air show season.


To reserve your place in the SASP Showcase Briefing, please email icas@airshows.aero