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It's Time To Update and Verify Your Air Show Dates

January 16th, 2024

As the 2024 season approaches, ICAS reminds all our member organizations to take a moment and review scheduled air show dates on their own websites, social media, and on our key industry resource, the ICAS calendar. As this year’s season unfolds, providing timely and accurate information to our spectators and industry professionals will be of utmost importance, and every ICAS member can pitch in. 


“We had most of the 2024 North American events added to our ICAS website calendar prior to the convention,” said Karen Connors, Director of Membership Services. “ICAS prides itself on providing crucial and accurate air show scheduling information for our members, but our schedule is only as up to date as the information we get from our members. We need your ongoing help to make sure dates, performers, and information continue to remain correct as schedules evolve.”


As a reminder, event organizers have access to their air show event calendar listing on the www.airshows.aero website. ICAS encourages all event organizers and performers to double check their show information and make sure listings are accurate and up to date. As the ICAS Convention has helped to fill in schedules and creates updates to events, we want to make sure that the calendar reflects those changes.