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ICAS Renews Car Rental Partnerships with Avis, Enterprise

February 9th, 2022

ICAS has renewed the rental car partnerships it signed last year with Avis Budget Group and with Enterprise Holdings (Enterprise, National, Alamo). The new deals include some increases to rates and changes to locations for which there is a surcharge fee, but the differences are generally minor.

“We reached out to Avis and Enterprise last year because a change in the insurance market had created an otherwise insurmountable problem for many shows in the United States and Canada,” says Karen Connors, ICAS Director of Membership Services. “And, in solving that specific short-term problem, we created a program that saved ICAS members tens of thousands of dollars last year. And we think the two partnerships will save members even more money in 2022.”

The new agreements include small rate increases to some categories of vehicles, and more significant increases to rates on mini-vans and full-size sport utility vehicles. It also includes the elimination of geographic-specific rate surcharges in many cities throughout the United States and Canada. Because the process by which members reached out to Avis and/or Enterprise was confusing to many last year, ICAS has also worked with both companies to simplify that this year.

And it is not too early to reach out to them.

“During our conversations with both car rental companies earlier this year, they each made the same point repeatedly,” said Connors. “Every challenge is easier to address when the car rental companies hear from shows early.”