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URGENT: U.S. Military Jet Team Request Deadline Approaches

July 29th, 2010
Event organizers requesting the participation of the USAF Thunderbirds or U.S. Navy Blue Angels at their air shows during the 2011 (Thunderbirds) or 2012 (Blue Angels) seasons must submit their DD Form 2535 not later than August 1 to be considered by either team. Please remember that air shows applying to have the Blue Angels perform at their show during the 2012 air show season must submit their applications by August 1, 2010. The team’s 2012 schedule will be developed this fall and released during the 2010 ICAS Convention, December 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Later this summer, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will begin using a similar two-year cycle when they request applications for both 2011 and 2012. “This is a recent, but very important change in the air show planning cycle,” says ICAS President John Cudahy. “We want to make sure that the change does not cause any ICAS member shows to miss this important request deadline. If you want to host the Thunderbirds in 2011, you need to submit your request by August 1 of this year. And if you want the Blue Angels to perform at your show in 2012, you must submit that request by August, 2010, as well.” Be advised: YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO REQUEST BLUE ANGEL PARTICIPATION IN 2012 OR THUNDERBIRD PARTICIPATION IN 2011 ONCE THE AUGUST 1, 2010 DEADLINE PASSES. Applicants are encouraged to use the AUG 2007 edition of DD Form 2535. Requests for the Blue Angels should be sent to Navy Office of Community Outreach, Attn: Aviation Support, 5722 Integrity Drive, Building 456-3, Millington, Tennessee 38054, phone 901-874-5803, fax 901-874-5813. Requests for the Thunderbirds should be sent to Office of the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs (SAF/PA) 1690 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330, phone 703-695-9664, fax 703-693-9601.