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CBS Evening News Highlights Increased Air Show Attendance

August 25th, 2009
This two minute and thirteen second news segment about increased attendance at North American air shows was broadcast on the CBS Evening News on Sunday, August 23. Produced under the headline of “Alternative Vacations,” the segment was subsequently posted on the CBS News website and has been shown in syndication in many markets. “There’s nothing quite like the third-party endorsement of the national news media,” said ICAS President John Cudahy. “As an industry and as individual air show organizations, we can promote the affordability and entertainment quality of air shows all we want, but the public listens to that message in a fundamentally different way when it is delivered by a news organization with the stature of CBS News.” Cudahy also emphasized that the summer long public relations program on increased air show attendance that has been conducted by ICAS is one of the best examples in recent memory of how ICAS can help deliver substantive benefits to the air show community that individual members cannot produce on their own. “ICAS delivers a large number and wide variety of tangible benefits to ICAS members throughout the year, but this is a great example of the impact that we can have as a national trade association working on behalf of its members,” said Cudahy.