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Strategic Air Show Partnership Social Media Promotional Campaign: Lessons Learned

Thursday, December 9th 2021 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Versailles 3-4

Air Show Partnership (SASP) program is an ongoing joint venture between ICAS and the ICAS Foundation. Seeking to provide added value to the participating members and the larger air show industry, SASP functions by enabling air show research, development, and promotion to support industry improvements. While ICAS and the ICAS Foundation continue to plan and build a multi-faceted, multi-year, ongoing initiative, 2021 brought the start of the social media-based air show marketing initiative. This session will look back on some of the results and realize the gains that will allow air show professionals to be more effective and more targeted in the coming year. Using industry-wide teamwork and a “greater good” model to promote and showcase the North American air show industry, this session will discuss how the program works to highlight air shows as a family-oriented and safe entertainment option for audiences and the lessons learned through targeted social media marketing. You’ll hear about the SASP program and also the lessons learned during this continent-wide industry promotional campaign.