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Air Shows 102: Business Basics Workshop - Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, December 8th 2021 7:45 am - 11:30 am

Versailles 3-4

The fee for Air Shows 102: Business Basics Workshop (Parts 1 & 2 inclusive) is $320. This workshop is not included in your convention registration fee.

Historically, the aviation-oriented individuals who organize and conduct air shows are relatively well-versed in aviation safety. Often, the bigger challenge is focusing on less familiar issues: concessions and ticketing, volunteer management, marketing, finance and sponsorship solicitation, to name a few. This workshop has been developed to address those business issues, and to provide air show event organizers -- both newbies and veterans -- with a thorough introduction to the business issues that have such an out-sized impact on the success of your event.

Developed and taught by veteran experts in the field and refined continuously during the last two decades, Air Shows 102 will help you navigate the large number and wide variety of business and event planning issues that you will face as an air show event organizer. Air Shows 102 offers presentations by North America's most respected air show event organizers, sharing business models from small, mid-size and large events to illustrate best practices in the field of air show management. The course is designed especially for event organizers from new or small shows as well as newly assigned officers and enlisted personnel taking on significant open house/air show business responsibilities for the first time. And because so many of you also have responsibilities for the air/ground operations aspect of your show, we've scheduled this course so as not to conflict with Air Shows 101, giving you the opportunity to attend both.

Specific topics addressed during this two-part, eight-hour program include: -Finance (factors that impact the budget and common mistakes to avoid, how to reduce financial risk through insurance and contracts); Sponsorship (tailoring your program to a sponsor's specific needs, approaching your sponsorship development process from the prospective sponsor's perspective, maintaining sponsor relations before, during and after your show); -Hospitality (individual seating options, chalets, sponsor hospitality, volunteer/performer hospitality); Volunteer and Staff Management (finding people, developing job descriptions, volunteer training, volunteer retention); Admissions and Ticketing (what types of systems work, developing ticket sales policies, effective inventory control, pricing and accounting procedures); Marketing (what you need to attract an audience, how to use television and radio ads, billboards and newspapers, news coverage and media rides, bartering for ad space, negotiating television and radio ad buys, cross promotion, social media marketing tactics, digital analytics); Facilities/Logistics (site set-up, static lay-out, toilets, trash, parking and traffic management, communications, seating); and Hotel Negotiations and Management (selecting hotel(s), negotiating contracts, managing catering).

Part 1 of this program is offered on Tuesday, December 7 from 1:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. Part 2 of the program will be offered on Wednesday, December 8 from 7:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.