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Air Force Open House Workshop

Sunday, December 5th 2021 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Champagne 3-4

Fee: The fee for the one-day Air Force Air Shows Workshop is $320. This workshop fee is not included in your Convention registration.

By any measure, the U.S. Air Force is the largest air show organization in the world. From the Thunderbirds, single-ship demo teams and static display aircraft to the dozens of air shows held on its installations each year, the Air Force demonstrates its commitment to aviation and air shows every year.

But Air Force personnel are often asked to organize and conduct an air show/open house on their base with virtually no guidance, little prior experience and incomplete pass-down information. For those reasons and many more, ICAS will once again offer its Air Force Open House Workshop on Sunday, December 5 in conjunction with 2021 ICAS Convention in Las Vegas. This course has been offered by ICAS to U.S. Air Force personnel since 2002, changing and evolving each year to better fit the changing and evolving nature of military air shows.

This course, developed in cooperation with active-duty Air Force personnel, but conducted by ICAS instructors, will take much of the mystery out of the many decisions you and your colleagues must make as you prepare for and execute your show. It has been organized to provide you with answers and direction on the most complicated and difficult issues that you face as you plan and organize your air show or open house at a U.S. Air Force base.

The Air Force Open House Workshop will address.

• The purpose of an Air Force open house
• How to build an effective air show team at your base
• Air Force direction, regulations and policies related to air shows and open houses
• How to welcome the general public to your base for an air show
• The planning schedule/timeline for organizing and executing an Air Force open house
• Air show air/ground operations
• Contracts and contracting issues
• Legal issues
• Sponsorship and recognition
• Funding issues
• Making most effective use of air show industry resources
• Issues related to working with Air Force Services

In addition to the instruction and discussions, each participant will be provided with a 150+ page instructional manual that includes a detailed funding matrix to help Air Force personnel determine what type of money (APF vs. NAF vs. outside funding) can be used to pay for nearly every air show-related expense that the air show project officer may be faced with.