Using Social Media and Digital Analytics to Sell Air Show Tickets: A Half-Day Workshop

Monday, December 9th 2019 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Versailles 1-2

So much has changed in event marketing world in the past ten years. Social media has transitioned from a communications curiosity to an invaluable business tool capable of providing highly targeted and results-driven marketing capabilities. Digital analytics have evolved to produce highly informative consumer insights and increasingly stronger returns on investment. And today, as these technologies become more refined and focused, social media and digital analytics have the power to fundamentally reinvent the manner in which air shows sells tickets to their customers. But the learning curve can be steep and there are a limited number of case histories from within the air show community to help direct those wanting to use these new tools efficiently and effectively. This new, 3 ½-hour workshop has been developed to address that need for more information, more training and practical advice. From 1:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 9…

· We will take a deep dive into the specific information, direction, tips, ideas and tactics you need to use social media and other forms of digital communications to sell tickets.

· We will compare and contrast traditional, legacy marketing tools and techniques with the newer digital marketing tactics, including a summary of pros and cons of each.

· You’ll get an overview of the different social media platforms, analytical tools and marketing tactics that you can use to build and fine-tune your digital marketing program for selling air show tickets.

· We’ll give you a brief, but targeted working knowledge of digital analytics and how to use the information generated to continuously improve your digital marketing program.

· You’ll learn how to design, place and monitor a social media ad.

· You’ll hear about the critical elements of a short, promotional video, how to create one yourself, and how to integrate that video into your digital marketing campaign.

· We’ll discuss how to supplement on-line advertising with targeted email and other forms of digital communications with prospective customers.

· You’ll learn how to target your intended audience in a digital promotional campaign and then use the data and analytics generated by that campaign to even more specifically pinpoint your prospective customers.

· You’ll hear case history-type presentations from marketing and advertising specialists with specific, recent, advanced-level experience in using social media and other forms of digital communications to sell air show tickets.

For 210 minutes, you will get highly targeted suggestions and ideas on how to sell more air show tickets using the power and efficiencies of digital marketing. This is a course that will be equally valuable to large and small events. You’ll benefit whether you are an experienced air show marketing professional or you’re just getting started. This is not a session that will be of interest to performers, support service providers or air shows that don’t charge admission. The course will be specifically and exclusively focused on helping you and your organization sell more air show admission tickets using the power and efficiency of social media and other internet-based communications tools.