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Indy Offers Free Tickets to Blood Donors

June 19th, 2009
For the third consecutive year, officials with the Indianapolis Air Show offered a free air show ticket to anybody who gave a pint of blood during a three-day period just prior to the June 6-7 event. In addition to encouraging blood donations during a particularly critical time for the Indianapolis area blood banks, the program generated additional ticket sales among those blood donors who attended the show using their free ticket and brought friends and family members who then bought their own tickets. Each of six different blood donation centers are given a small supply of tickets and an information sheet that explains how to buy additional tickets on-line or on-site on show day. The blood center promotes the program with its own radio spots, providing additional publicity for the show. In each of the three years that the program has been run, blood donations have spiked and the air show promotion has outperformed similar promotions conducted by the blood donation center for other events with different organizations. On each day of the show, blood donors are saluted for their donation by the announcer over the public address system.