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U.S. Marine Corps Announces Dates for the Community Relations Outreach Board

August 2nd, 2016

Washington, D.C. - The Office of U.S. Marine Corps Communication will hold the FY17 Community Relations Outreach Board August 30, 2016 at Headquarters, Marine Corps.  The board will identify significant community relations events in the United States which will receive Marine Corps support.  Among the assets in which board members will consider are:

             The President's Own, United States Marine Band,

             Marine Corps Field Bands,

             The Mounted Color Guard,

             Battle Colors Detachment,  

             Aviation demonstrations, static displays, and flyovers, 

             Historical commemorations,

             Speaker requests,

             Color guard requests

This board will replace a number of boards held previously to include the Harrier/Osprey Demonstration Board and the Music Outreach Board. Dates for submissions have changed from previous years.  Those interested in hosting Marine Corps assets at significant events must submit their completed DD Form 2535 (with FAA approval for aviation flyovers or demonstrations) or DD Form 2536 for non-aviation support to hqmc.comrel@usmc.mil not later than August 26. 

Sponsors whose events(s) were selected will receive formal notification via e-mail, phone or the website.

Any changes to event dates, points of contact, or telephone numbers, or other key information regarding the request after submission must be directly communicated through the above email address.  Failure to report any changes from the original request prior to the convening of the selection board will disqualify the event for consideration.  While the Marine Corps makes every effort to ensure those sites which have been selected will receive the support that was requested, Marine Corps units may be forced to cancel scheduled support at any time due to unforeseen operational, training or safety requirements.

For more detailed information about this event, please contact the Office of Marine Corps Communications, Community Relations section at 703-614-1034, hqmc.comrel@usmc.mil or visit www.marines.mil