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Packing Reminder: Bring The Right Stuff

December 8th, 2012
For those making final preparations for the ICAS Convention, we wanted to remind our performers to bring their flight suits to wear on Wednesday, December 12, Flight Suit Day at the convention. And while you’re thinking about clothes, be sure to bring your fancy duds for the traditional Chairman’s Banquet on the night of Thursday, December 13. Dress code for the rest of the ICAS Convention is business casual. With the exception of the Thursday banquet, our delegates from the military very seldom wear uniforms. And if you’re still at home and thinking about things to pack, you should consider bringing your checkbook. The ICAS Foundation’s ICAS Has Talent fundraising event will be held on Tuesday night. The Foundation takes all major credit cards, but there’s something a bit more satisfying about handing over a check when you’re contributing to such a worthy cause.