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Air Boss 201: Advanced Air Boss Workshop

Monday, December 6th 2021 8:45 am - 4:45 pm

Skyview 3

Air bosses are the individuals who control the aviation event activities in accordance with the briefed schedule and federal regulations. They must be prepared to assume responsibility for everything related to safe air and ground operations conducted as part of the air show. For more than 20 years, the ICAS Air Boss 201 Workshop has provided new and aspiring air bosses with an introduction to air boss techniques and tactics.

During this highly focused, 8+ hour workshop program, participants will learn about understanding and adhering to FAA and Transport Canada regulations/guidance, conducting a safe and effective briefing, organizing and conducting an air show, and understanding the show site and the idiosyncrasies of the airspace in which they are working. Recently reconfigured to focus more singularly on the key issues facing air bosses, this course addresses the pre-show safety briefing, recent changes to air show regulations/guidance, air show entertainment techniques and strategies, radio communications and case history discussions on difficult and complex air/ground operations problems and issues.

This advanced course also explains how to assess event preparation and readiness, and how to stay within both the letter and the intent of all applicable regulations/guidance to ensure both pilot and spectator safety. By itself, the course will not qualify an individual to become an air boss, but this program is focused on air boss issues and can be used as a useful first step in developing the knowledge base necessary to become an air show air boss.

This session is a pre-requisite to earn a Recognized Air Boss or Standard Air Boss Letter of Authorization.

The cost for the Air Shows 201 Workshop is $295 through November 11 and $320 after November 11. The cost of this workshop is not included in your Convention registration fee.