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Closing Keynote Presentation

Thursday, December 15th 2022 9:30 am - 10:15 am

Forum 122

If Disney Ran Your Air Show Business: Customer service consultant and former Disney employee John Formica will explain how to create a world-class blend of entertainment, hospitality and customer service that provides a memorable experience for not just your spectators, but for your sponsors, key stakeholders and volunteers, as well.

For 45 minutes in the morning on Thursday, December 15, Formica will share the secrets that have made Disney the most customer-oriented entertainment and hospitality business in the world. As important, he will share with you tips, techniques and suggestions for putting some of that Disney magic to work for your air show business. His keynote presentation on Thursday morning will be followed by a workshop- style session on Thursday afternoon in which Formica gets into the details on how to seamlessly apply the Disney philosophy to the entertainment and hospitality challenges of hosting an air show.

Formica is a popular and successful consultant and trainer who has provided
practical, implementable customer service ideas at more than 3,000 different meetings, conferences and conventions, including hotels and resorts, professional sports teams, restaurants, colleges and universities, television stations, libraries, hospitals, Walmart, and the FBI. And he'll help ICAS put precisely the right finishing touch on our 2022 convention.

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