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Air Shows 101: Air/Ground Operations Training Workshop

Monday, December 6th 2021 8:30 am - 4:45 pm

Skyview 5-6

The cost for the Air Shows 101 Workshop is $295 through November 11 and $320 after November 11. The cost of this workshop is not included in your Convention registration fee.

Sponsored by: Yankee Air Museum

When the FAA or Transport Canada approves your request to plan and conduct an air show, that permission comes with an enormous responsibility. The Air Shows 101 Air/Ground Operations Workshop is designed to provide you with the information you need to manage that responsibility.

Air show event organizers, especially first-timers, face a steep learning curve when standing face-to-face with the myriad of regulations, requirements and recommendations of putting on an air show. Air Shows 101 is designed to take some of the steepness out of that curve.

Offered by ICAS for the first time nearly 35 years ago, this program has evolved continuously since 1988 to reflect the changing regulations and guidance, and to ensure that all of the information in the workshop is accessible, useful and up to date. During the last three and a half decades, nearly 4,000 ICAS Convention delegates have taken this comprehensive workshop that is specifically developed to provide a working knowledge of air show operations in a single day.

This information-packed program delivered by a faculty of seasoned experts and recognized throughout the industry as the definitive introductory course on air show air/ground operations, is designed specifically to help you manage the myriad details associated with running the air/ground operations of an air show. This workshop features presentations on critical air/ground operations issues, such as…

• Understanding the business side of air shows;
• How to lay-out your air show site;
• Mitigating air show hazards;
• Timelines for initiating different aspects of your air show planning;
• What to consider when hiring performers;
• How to apply for an air show waiver and your responsibilities once it’s approved;
• The importance of establishing strong communications;
• How to establish early control of ground operations and support;
• Recent changes to air show regulatory guidance;
• Emergency planning;
• What you should include in your emergency plan; and
• How to work with your assigned safety inspector.